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Here’s just a few of the testimonials and thank-you letters we’ve received.

We’ve worked closely with Loanworks in delivering our home loan proposition to market. They are really easy to work with, their response times are great and the system has been very flexible to cater for our customised solution.

Melissa Christy

Home Loan Lead

86 400

We find Loanworks to be a very professional operation with great systems in place to support us and our staff in Manila.

Their IT and HR support for us in Manila is excellent and the level of security around our information is impressive.

We are enjoying the very high level of competency in every thing they deliver, including our staff.

Bernie Heffernan


Heffernan Lending Solutions

Since implementing Loanworks into our business we have seen a sharp increase in efficiency through all facets of the business. Our Loanworks employee has shown a high level of speed, responsiveness and genuine care on all tasks and has more importantly blended into the processes we use in our business. She is a pleasure to work alongside and already feels like one of our family. The feedback from long term clients regarding her performance has been very positive. They too have felt the change in efficiency and appreciate their loans being completed in a smoother and faster way.

I would strongly suggest to anyone seeking to grow their business, to contact Loanworks and discuss the benefits of adding one of their staff to their brokerage. It is a game changer for any brokerage from one loan writer to a dozen and the financial outlay is a lot cheaper than employing a local admin assistant.

Tim Leonard

Owner Manager

Mortgage Choice in Bayside

Loanworks have supported Intuitive Finance for many years and they have provided great loan administration support, who have been a great asset to our team!

We have been extremely happy with the whole Loanworks operation and they have been a great source of help and service for our business. It really is amazing what we miss “in house” sometimes and Loanworks have assisted us identify opportunities in our markets. This is something that can be easily missed in our daily duties but we have been able to further cement client relationships based on this extremely effective outsource function.

From the start of us considering Loanworks, right through to today, they have always been transparent and good with their communications and assistance.

We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Andrew Mirams

Managing Director

Intuitive Finance

Loanworks has helped me to transform our loan application process from end to end into what I would now regard as first class. Prior to engaging LWT, I rated our process as below average. Furthermore, I have found Ina, our dedicated & talented loan processor to not only process very well, more importantly, she really cares about our customers and loan writers' satisfaction and outcomes and we love having such a great person, backed by LWT, on our team.

Paul Williams

Owner Manager

Mortgage Choice in South Melbourne

We have been working with the team at Loanworks for nearly two years now. What started as processing a few loan applications has grown to Loanworks being a key business partner and they now assist to manage three full time employees from their offices.

The team members that Loanworks have helped to recruit and onboard are of highest quality and their motivation and skill to learn amazes us every day.

We have found the management team at Loanworks to be skilled in their roles and assisted us greatly in not just managing our team but developing them. We visited the offices there last year and were so impressed by the culture and how welcome we were made to feel. They truly are an extension of our business and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

Melanie Cunliffe

Mortgage Broker

Indigo Finance

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