The Team

Vaishnavi Joshi

Customer Success Manager

+61 469 437 428

Vaishnavi Joshi

As Customer Success Manager, Vaishnavi (‘Vaish’) ensures all Loanworks customers enjoy a positive and successful experience with our products and services. She provides ongoing customer support, monitoring and proactive health checks, and is committed to building a strong, long-lasting relationship with each and every customer, in order to help them achieve their goals.

Vaishnavi has 10 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry. Before joining Loanworks in 2023, she was a Key Account Manager for Bravura Solutions and IRESS, and also held paraplanning roles within the financial advice domain, where she worked with many businesses, both large and small, including Count Financial.

She has an MBA in Banking & Finance and a Diploma in Financial Planning (which includes RG 146 certification).