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Ben Binder

Ben Binder

A 40-year veteran of the software and IT industries, Ben specialises in mortgage originations and telecommunication billing.

Ben has spent 20 years with Loanworks, turning complex, technical computer programming into simple and effective software solutions that benefit the entire mortgage industry.

In fact, Ben was one of the founders of Loanworks Technologies, along with Peter James, James Christie and Andrew Duerden, back In 1998. Together they developed loan origination and processing software that eventually became the world’s first fully automated straight-through processing digital origination solution.

Since those early days, Ben has continued to use his highly technical skills and deep knowledge of financial software and computer programming to take Loanworks from strength to strength. As Director of Software, he spearheads the development of industry-leading products and services that not only improve efficiency and profitability for financial businesses, but which also improve the customer experience. He also plays a strategic role in shaping the future direction of the company.

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