The Team

Andrew Duerden

Andrew Duerden

Since teaming up with Peter James, James Christie and Ben Binder, in 1998, to found Loanworks Technologies, Andrew Duerden has made it his business to understand and address the challenges that face Loanworks customers.

From the very beginning, he was focussed on loan origination and processing, and that focus eventually led to the development of the world’s first fully automated straight-through processing loan origination solution.

Today, in his role as Director, Sales, Andrew is committed to ensuring that Loanworks delivers solutions that meet industry and regulatory compliance standards, and also exceed customer expectations. And with his unique insight into the customer experience, he’s ideally positioned to do exactly that.

Andrew’s previous roles at Loanworks include Business Services Director, Technical Director and General Manager of Operations. Prior to Loanworks, he was the Global Product Manager at Eltrax Hospitality Group.