Broker support solutions

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Time-saving broker support from the industry’s leaders

Administrative work can feel like a never-ending task, spreading out across all areas of your business.

Loanworks breaks it down into four manageable components. And we can handle all of them, or as many as you need.

Broker support

Streamline the sales process by supporting your sales team:

  • Provide dedicated virtual assistant services
  • Manage brokers’ diaries and email inboxes
  • Enter client data into CRM
  • Collect, collate and digitise supporting documents
  • Run serviceability and funding calculations
  • Communicate with prospects

Loan processing

Make loan processing and credit support teams more efficient:

  • Provide dedicated loan admin
  • Enter data into processing systems
  • Prepare required documentation
  • Order valuations and special pricing
  • Prepare lodgement packs
  • Follow up outstanding loan conditions
  • Track applications to unconditional approval and settlement
  • Manage communications with customers and third-parties


Ensure fulfilment of compliance and responsible lending obligations with dedicated compliance services:

  • Undertake ACL and file compliance reviews against a compliance checklist to ensure all required information and documentation is correctly recorded
  • Undertake corrective actions to fix compliance issues

Customer service

Support customer service teams to focus on nurturing relationships and up-selling diversified products:

  • Provide dedicated customer support services
  • Maintain marketing databases and campaigns
  • Gather current loan and property data
  • Prepare annual review reports
  • Process loan variations
  • Monitor pre-approval applications
  • Track construction loans

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Loan originators are, necessarily, very thorough, cautious professionals, unlikely to go down a particular road without asking a lot of questions first. That's why we've answered these questions many times:

How difficult is this to implement within a regulatory compliant framework?

We're in the lending business ourselves, so we're well versed in compliance matters, including APRA, ASIC, ISO certification, the Australian Privacy Act and requirements for physical and digital security, and secure data storage. We have dedicated compliance services to help your business fulfil its compliance and responsible lending obligations.

How would I integrate outsourced services into my existing business and manage the change?

We've operated our own outsource operations in the Philippines for nearly a decade and specialise in services for Australian loans originators and lenders, so we know how to integrate teams and manage change. Our experienced staff will work closely with your business to ensure smooth integration.

What if I don’t want to outsource everything listed?

You don’t have to. Loanworks tailors its solution specifically to meet your needs, so you only outsource exactly what you need to outsource, and nothing more. We provide advice, but it's completely up to you.

Do you use my systems and processes?

Loanworks integrates all services within your existing systems, linking with current software, like your CRM, and processes as needed. We're also a well known industry software provider, and we bring this expertise to bear in all aspects of our business.


Find out how Loanworks can help today

Loanworks broker support solutions will streamline your sales, loan processing and credit support processes, leaving you to focus on writing more loans and increasing your margins.

To learn more, please call Jason Goodacre, our Outsourced Services Manager, on +61 498 112 056. Jason has worked on designing and delivering customised solutions for many clients, and has the expertise, creativity and commitment to find the right one for you.