Loan servicing solutions

A complete loan servicing solution that's customised and cost effective


Our platform is accessed over the internet, either as an on-premises solution or via the cloud as software as a service (SaaS), providing end-to-end functionality for the entire loan and fund life cycles.


Our loan servicing system (LMS) consists of:

  • Back office servicing that includes interest rate changes, payments, product changes, statement printing, funds transfer, DDR and BPAY with financial institutions, etc.
  • A customer portal running on smart phones that enables customers to perform loan-related online banking and enquiries
  • An originator portal that allows originators to manage their customer portfolios, and to track deals from submission through to loan discharge

Our LMS is seamlessly integrated with the upstream loan origination system and downstream trust management system.


TMS, the trust management system, is a web enabled online system that provides funding for loans in the LMS, and manages coupon payments and funds rollovers for funders and investors alike.


Payments collected in LMS are split and allocated in the TMS on a loan level and trust level, which makes real-time intelligent reporting of funds positions and cash flow possible.


Streamline loans processing, beginning to end

A comprehensive loan processing system is necessary to improve margins, minimise errors, and ensure compliance.

Whether you’re starting out in the lending business or expanding your current operations, you need to focus on writing more loans, not scrambling to keep across ever-growing processing demands.

For a tailored, cost-effective solution, please call Jason Goodacre, our Outsourced Services Manager, on +61 498 112 056. Jason has worked on designing and delivering customised solutions for many clients, and has the expertise, creativity and commitment to find the right one for you.