Loans processing solutions

Don't let loans processing
slow you down

What streamlined loans processing looks like

The Loanworks team gets started as soon as a credit application is received. You'll see increased productivity and efficiency at every step of the process.


Data entry:

Upon receiving a new credit application, Loanworks will compile information from various sources and accurately enter data into your loan origination system. We’ll continue to update this information as the credit application moves through the origination process.


Pre-qualification checks:

Loanworks will complete an assessment of each applicant’s financial situation. We’ll request and check credit reports, run serviceability calculations, verify income and expenses, seek LMI conditional approval, and apply credit policy rules.


Document verification:

Loanworks will collate and catalogue all supporting documents, then digitise them for your document management system. We’ll check document authenticity and validate information with third-parties.


Property valuations:

Loanworks will order property valuations and perform title searches in accordance with your credit policy. We’ll follow up with valuers until a valuation certificate is received and enter valuation and title data into your loan origination system. Then we’ll digitise the documents for your document management system.


Credit support:

Loanworks will support your underwriting team in seeking LMI formal approval, preparing credit scores and collecting any missing information from third-parties required for unconditional approval. We’ll do all the data entry, collate and catalogue all received documents, then digitise them for your document management system.


Preparing for settlement:

Loanworks will record loan disbursements, prepare settlement agent instructions and track preparation of loan documentation. We’ll assist with settlement certification and preparation of settlement packs.


Account management support:

Loanworks will support your account management team in processing account variations, discharges, redraws and principal increases, and tracking construction loans. And we’ll support customer communication post settlement.


You don't have to choose between efficiency and quality

When you’re looking to increase margins and reduce your cost to serve, outsourcing loan processing functions has to be a consideration. How do you do that without compromising on expertise and service quality? Loanworks loans processing solutions are the smart, safe, cost-efficient answer.

To learn more about integrating Loanworks loans processing into your business, please call Jason Goodacre, our Outsourced Services Manager, on +61 498 112 056. Jason has worked on designing and delivering customised solutions for many clients, and has the expertise, creativity and commitment to find the right one for you.