Compliance solutions

Keep up with compliance obligations
While keeping costs down

Your outsourced compliance team can perform any or all of the following tasks, depending on your unique business requirements and where you need the most support.

File compliance reviews

  • Review identified credit applications
  • Review supporting documentation, NCCP documentation, applicant income & expenses, serviceability, required data entry and file notes against a compliance checklist

Business compliance reviews

  • Review of accredited credit licensee businesses
  • Review required policies, accreditations, licenses and memberships against a compliance checklist


  • Collate file review and business review information
  • Enter information into compliance systems
  • Undertake quality control checks
  • Prepare audit reports on accredited credit representatives and licensees

Customer assessments

  • Survey identified credit application customers to assess compliance of the credit offer process they underwent
  • Perform assessments by phone, email and/or survey
  • Compile reports of outcomes

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost?

As your compliance solution will be tailored to your business requirements, it’s impossible to provide a pricing estimate without first performing a needs analysis. But generally speaking, experienced, fully-qualified compliance specialists in the Philippines cost up to 60% less than in Australia. We can charge transactionally, for fixed full-time employees (FTE), or for a turnkey solution.

What compliance processes, checklists and systems do we use?

Yours. We bring the know-how and the labour, you bring the systems and processes. That means there's no added expense and no time spent managing integration.

How do we access your credit applications?

Your offshore team of compliance specialists will access your system remotely using secure password controls.

How do we ensure that your information is secure?

Information security is one of our highest priorities. We are ISO 27001 ISMS accredited, and we use your privacy policy, information security management, and physical access controls to ensure that our security measures meet the highest possible standards.


Ask us how our solution can help you

Building a tailored, efficient solution means we need to ask you some questions, and listen carefully to your answers.

To get the ball rolling, please call Jason Goodacre, our Outsourced Services Manager, on +61 498 112 056. Jason has worked on designing and delivering customised solutions for many clients, and has the expertise, creativity and commitment to find the right one for you.