Commission management solutions

A one-stop, end-to-end
commissions processing system

Data import, validation and exception reporting

Our software has the ability to import data files and fully integrate with your internal platforms. The validation function possesses a suite of data quality rules and provides seamless exception handling (e.g. lender data mismatch).

Commission payment models

The Loanworks system supports various out-of-the-box commission payment models, including upfront, trail, clawback, fees, non mortgages (insurance, personal loan payments), utilisation clawback, sundry and manual adjustments. We also support offset account balance and drawn-down balance rules.

Invoicing, accounting export

We automatically generate and distribute customised RCTI invoices and commission statements (per channel) via e-mail or your specific portal. We can also export standard ABA files and GL accounting files (Sun, Technology 1, MYOB, Oracle).

Reporting suite

Out-of-the-box reporting suites are used to validate bank payments against commission payments (receivable vs payable), batch exceptions, proposed payments, trail variance and paid commissions. Your reports can be tailored according to your needs using our SQL reporting engine.

A tailored solution

Our people will configure the solution to support your unique payment types, payment rules, data models, channel hierarchies, payment frequencies, accounting structures, internal processes and core systems.

Industry experience

You’ll be backed by a team of technology and processing professionals with many years’ experience in commission processing and channel administration.

Maintain business critical service levels

The services solution encompasses the software solution, so you get the combined effect of our best-of-breed software system and business processing service to support your business-critical service levels.

Powerful, secure and simple

Our platform delivers an unprecedented level of processing power, payment modelling and systems integration, and is hosted within a certified, secure, managed SaaS environment located in Australia. A web-based interface gives you easy access to review, approve and report in real-time.

Full visibility and control

Our processing service links with your finance department to provide full insight into reconciliation, disbursements and financial commitments, giving you control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction.

Streamline and manage change

Loanworks will work with your business to structure a streamlined reconciliation, payment and invoicing process. We’ll design, plan, build and implement a future state process, document the changes, and support your organisational change management.


Call us to find the right solution for your business

An efficient, accurate and cost-efficient commissions processing solution will free up resources that are better spent building your business.

To discuss how Loanworks could help you achieve that goal, please call Andrew Duerden, our Sales Director, on +61 403 048 757. Andrew has played a key role in the design and delivery of solutions for countless clients. He’ll ask questions, listen, and help you find your particular way forward.