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Cut costs, grow your network and increase broker satisfaction

As an aggregator or broker group, your revenue is - to a large extent - limited. No matter how good you are, your commissions are fixed, so the only way to improve your bottom line is to grow your network or cut your operational costs. Or both.

But how do you do either without increasing your admin overhead or undermining your service quality to your brokers and lenders. The answer is simpler than you might expect...

A tailored broker administration solution

With a more efficient, cost-effective broker administration solution, you can expand your broker network and grow your revenue, while at the same time actually reducing your admin overhead.

We’ll help you dramatically improve commission payment accuracy and timeliness, as well as the collection and management of broker fees. So your brokers will never be underpaid, overcharged or kept waiting, and you’ll minimise troubleshooting and error-fixing time.

Plus we’ll help your broker support and compliance teams become more efficient and productive. We’ll collect, verify and maintain your broker information, accreditations, contracts and agreements for you, and undertake ACL and file compliance reviews on your behalf.

What’s more, by adding our white label lending products to your panel, you’ll attract more brokers. And when we, in turn, help your brokers process their loans more efficiently, they’ll write more loans, and you’ll grow your share of revenue.

Aggregator solutions
  • Commissions

    • Commissions processing software
    • Commissions processing services
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  • Broker support

    • Loan processing support
    • Broker administration support
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  • Compliance

    • File compliance reviews
    • ACL compliance reviews
    • Report preparation
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  • Lending

    • Residential loans
    • Commercial loans
    • White label loans
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